Sessions for children "Sun in the Palms"

29 January 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Members of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum's team conducted educational and entertaining sessions for visually impaired children from the Residential School within the social project "Sun in the Palms".

Five multi-format books were published within the project, they tell about the origin, history of usage and working of amber. The book includes pages with relief illustrations of the showpieces from Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum collection, complemented with plain text inscriptions and duplicated with Braille script.

After getting acquainted with the book children could feel, what amber is like to the touch and what forms it may have, they also could participate in the workshop in amber working. It was conducted by the Kaliningrad artist Lyudmila Visotskaya. She showed to the children, how one can polish amber using special equipment, she also let kids make holes in amber pieces with their own hands. ​

The project "Sun in the Palms" has been realised based on the grant in the form of a subsidy for non-profit organisations following results of the annual competition of creative projects and initiatives having noncommercial innovative character, organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Kaliningrad oblast.

The project's goal is to improve accessibility of knowledge of Baltic amber as the source of information about the past of the Earth for visually impaired or blind children in Kaliningrad oblast and other regions of the Russian Federation.

The books were created by the museum employees, and published by the Novosibirsk regional Specialised Library for Blind and Visually Impaired People. Today it is a trusted leader in development and distribution of modern assistive technologies here in Russia. It is there, where for the first time production of information materials based on relief-forming paper was mastered in our country. 

The State Budgetary Institution of Kaliningrad oblast "Kaliningrad Secondary General Residential School" is an educational organisation for students with disabilities, which is located in Kaliningrad, in Sportivnaya Str. 11.