Sessions for children

11 August 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Dear friends, we are announcing start of educational and playing sessions for children! Little guests will get acquainted with our display and take part in interactive sessions, where they will be able to make a souvenir for the memory of this visit to the museum. Older children will undertake a quest through the display and territory of the museum: they are going to solve rebuses, decipher texts, and make various tasks to find a treasure. 

Participation – by prior registration!

Registration on the phone: 53-82-19.

Please, pay attention to the recommended age of participants.

Schedule (for organised groups the sessions can be held according to an individual schedule).

11 August at 16.00 "Meet Our Museum" (5–8 years). An amazing world of the Baltic gem will be opened to children. They will find out about the history of creation of the Russia's only Amber Museum, they will get acquainted with its collection, and make a souvenir for the memory.

12 August at 16.00 "Tales from the Amber Chest" (5–8 years). A fascinating journey to the land of myths and legends about amber.

13 August at 16.00 "Relic Hunters" (7–10 years). Children will learn, what archaeologists do, why they do archaeological exploration, what things get under the ground, what you should take to an expedition with you, and why ancient people thought of amber as magical stone. In conclusion, children will take part in "archaeological excavations" and receive a "Relic Hunter Certificate".

14 August at 16.00 "Amber Adventures" (9–12 years). A quest around the museum display.

18 August at 16.00 "Russian Patterns" (5–8 years). Participants will find out about various traditional art wood paintings, will be introduced to the Russian culture and will be able to try themselves as craftsmen.

19 August at 16.00 "Colour Eyes of the Earth" (7–10 years). Children will be told a fascinating story about the natural treasures of the Earth, including Russia and Kaliningrad region, they will also participate in a workshop in making an adornment.

20 August at 16.00. "A House with Magic Windows" (7–10 years). Participants will be acquainted with the art of stained-glass making, they will also take part in a workshop in glass painting.

21 August at 16.00. "City-fortress" (9–12 years). A quest around the museum's territory.