Session "Colour Eyes of the Earth"

25 September 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 25 September to 8 November, the Amber Museum is conducting themed lessons for students of the 1-6 grades "Colour Eyes of the Earth".

The sessions will be held at the exhibition of contemporary jewellery by the creative union "Mi-Mi Moscow: "Smile" :))". There are brooches made of glass, plastic, nacre, and other modern materials.

Showing pictures and real samples of minerals, a guide will acquaint with qualities and ways to use stones in the ancient times and nowadays. An exiting narration about natural resources of the Earth, Russia, and Kaliningrad region. Interactive tasks will contribute to solidifying the gained knowledge. There will be a workshop in making an adornment from brass and amber within the lesson.

Registration by the phone: 53-82-19.

Duration of the lesson – 60 minutes.

Price of the lesson – 130 rubles for every person.

Groups can not include more than 25 persons.