For the contribution to the development of science

12 February 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Zoya Kostyashova, Leading Research Associate of the Amber Museum, received a letter of gratitude from the Minister of Economic Development, Industry and Trade of the region Dmitry Kuskov. The document says that the award is given "for the dedicated work, hight level of professional skills, and contribution to the development of science in the Kaliningrad region".

Zoya Kostyashova concerns with the history of the amber industry in Russia and promotion of amber, she is a speaker and moderator at the International Economic Forum of Russian AMber Industry. For the period from 2017 to 2019, she published 17 scientific and research articles including: The Amber Book – the 70th anniversary of the Amber Combine (Янтарная книга – 70 лет Янтарному комбинату) (co-author, Kaliningrad, 2017); The amber industry in Kaliningrad region (Gdansk, 2018); Amber mines on the eastern coast of the bay of Gdansk in the Kaliningrad region (Gdansk, 2018); Wydarzenia w branzy bursztynowej obwodu Kaliningradzkiego (Warszawa, 2018); Swiatoslaw Sawkiewicz – badacz bursztynu (Gdansk, 2019); books that were published under her editorship: Amber in Nature and Art (Янтарь в природе и искусстве) (Kaliningrad, 2017), Problems of Restoration and Conservation of Amber (Проблемы реставрации и консервации янтаря) (Kaliningrad, 2019).