"The Jeweller of the Post-Soviet Epoch"

28 April 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The name of Nikolai Nuzhin is known not only in Russia, but also abroad. His works were displayed in Germany, France, Belgium, Japan. It was he, who got the order a prize for the pop diva Tina Turner. Art experts called Nuzhin an outstanding jeweller of the poet-Soviet epoch. His works are parts of collections of Yaroslavl museums, as well as of the Trinity Lavra of St.Sergius, Armoury of the Moscow Kremlin, the State Historical Museum ones. In Yaroslavl, there is an exposition dedicated to Nikolai Nuzhin.

He graduated from the Krasnoye Selo Art Metal Work College and then created his own special style, in which he showed original and contemporary forms of jewellery. He was one of the few jewellers, who mastered the technologically complicated window and stained-glass enamel. Nikolai worked in the technique of stoved enamel creating miniature pictures. He also mastered another complicated kind of the "fire art" – enamel over cast ground. The artist preferred brooches of the whole variety of jewellery pieces.

The craftsman used German silver and copper, gold and silver, precious and semi-precious stones, hard stones and zircons for his works.

The first city exhibition of Nuzhin's works was successful, there was the whole rage of other ones – in different places of the country. The rumor of an original Yaroslavl jeweller was spread around Russia. Then followed the victories in numerous creative contests. Sometimes it happened so that the master's works didn't complied any category and jury had to find the way out of the situation. Such story took place at the Moscow jewellery exhibition in 1997, where a new category "National Tradition of the Late 20th Century" was created for the works of Nuzhin.

In 1996 in Yaroslavl, Nikolai Nuzhin initiated opening of the City Exhibition Hall, where shows of jewellery artists were held annually.

The works were kindly provided to the Amber Museum by the artist's widow Elena Komova. There will be 32 brooches, 12 enamel works and 7 jewellery sets at the exhibition. Thanks to this exhibition viewers and specialists will be able to get a full picture of artistry of the Russian jewellery master.

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