"Amber Worlds"

29 January 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Opening of the exhibition "Amber Worlds" of the Kaliningrad artists Elena Tikhomirova and Lev Romanenko takes place on 29 January at 17.00 in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. The exposition will present works of contemporary jewellery and decorative arts.

Elena Tikhomirova was born in 1965 in Kaliningrad, where she attended the municipal and Children’s art school, and then graduated from the Kaliningrad State Technical University. Nowadays she is a stone-carving artist with the distinctive manner and genre variety. She has created easel works, jewellery made of leather with amber, relief panel pictures. She has been working with amber for over 20 years. The artist uses amber with pleasure, even when it is classified as low-value. She combines the Baltic gem with various materials as colors, glass, plastic, wood, ground relief, creates wall panels in a mixed technique using amber that is prevalent for the idea of an artwork.

Lev Romanenko was born in 1957 in Kaliningrad. He worked as a tool shop foreman on the plant "Techrybprom" until 1990.  From 1992 he started to work with amber professionally, having changed his profession from fitter to jeweller.

For over 10 years Lev Romanenko worked in the Kaliningrad jewellery companies including  private enterprise "Assay" and company "Souvenirs of the Baltics". For the last one he made around 100 so-called "pro-models" – designer projects for serial and mass production. In 2003 he graduated from the Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College.

In 2005 Lev Romanenko created a studio that united the like-minded masters working with amber. Authentic jewellery, in which the artists combine the cold metal glance with warmth of the stone, continues in the new form history of the unique mineral astonishing with its variety.

The exhibition "Amber Worlds" will work until 28 February 2016. 

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