"Amber in the Artistry of Hermann Brachert"

5 March 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 5 March to 19 May an exhibition "Amber in the Artistry of Hermann Brachert" will work in the museum's permanent exposition.

Hermann Brachert was born in Stuttgart in 1890. After studying embossing he studied sculpture, jewellery, and architecture in the university of his hometown. In 1919 he was invited to Königsberg School of Arts and Crafts, where he led the classes of stone, wooden sculpture and metal working. Then he worked as a free artist in Königsberg. Within the close cooperation with architects H.Hopp, F.Lahrs and R.Liebenthal he created around twenty monumental sculptures for Königsberg and East Prussia. From the late 1920s until 1944 he was an art consultant at the State Amber Manufactory in Königsberg, where he worked on production design and created carved works from amber and other materials.

In 1933 Brachert, who did not share the views of national socialists, was forbidden from working professionally and moved to the summer house in Georgenswalde (now Otradnoye), next to which he made a workshop. Brachert left East Prussia in summer 1944. After the war in  1946–1956 he taught in the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, in 1947–1953 he was its rector.

For the time of his creative activity he had created 70 works from amber and over 100 sculptural works from bronze and marble. H.Brachert died in 1972 in Schleitdorf (Germany). In 1993 a memorial museum of Hermann Brachert was opened in Otradnoye (Kaliningrad oblast) in his house.