Amber in the History of Medicine

30 November 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On Wednesday 29 November presentation of the proceedings of the conference that was held in September 2015 in the Amber Museum. The published articles are concerned with relevant issues relating to the use of amber and its derivatives derivatives in medicine and pharmacy, analysis of historical sources, concepts and works of art reflecting this theme. The book was presented by the chair of the editorial board, honoured cultural professional of the Russian Federation, director of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum Tatiana Suvorova. The responsible editor of the book, Dr., chief research associate of the museum Irina Polyakova spoke in detail about its subject, authors of the articles and future publishing projects. Guests of the presentation found out about some recipes of amber pills, powders and potions, they also learn about the history of use of amber as medicine. Culmination of the event  was opening of the small exhibition "Secrets of Old recipes" in two show cases of the museum's exposition.

We invite all residents of Kaliningrad and guests of the city to see the presented showpieces.