Exhibition of amber inclusions from the private collection

22 August 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

There are unique amber samples with inclusions from the private collection of Boris Zhukovskiy (Kaliningrad) in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.  

45 showpieces demonstrate the biological variety of the "amber" forest, flora and fauna of the Earth of the Eocene period (45–50 million years ago). Flowing down the tree trunk resin took away or covered on the ground insects, spiders, pieces of bark, pine needles, leaves, sometimes bird's feathers and fir of mammals. Resin filled the inner spaces of trees that were inhabited by insects and their larvae. Small insects carried by the wind, fell into its sinters on the trunks getting stuck to the surface. 

At the exhibition, vegetable world is presented by gymnosperms (pines, cypress family), angiosperms (beeches, oaks, heath, laurel families). Animal world – by rare forms of millipedes, spiders, insects, unique biological forms (insects' larvae in safe houses).