Exhibition "Beam of the Golden Sun"

17 March 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 17 March to 23 April, works of the Emelyanov and Sons Amber-Redwood Manufactory will be presented in the Amber Museum.

Art objects, interior objects, panels, caskets hand-made from finewood and Baltic amber. The most part of works is based on sketches of the famous Kaliningrad graphic artist Igor Isaev.

Guests of the exhibition will see works made of unique in its beauty Karelian birch, African redwood species, wenge – favorite wood of Indian maharajas. Items from the bog oak have special place at the exposition.  After hundreds of years at the bottom of water entities, the wood becomes very firm and gains unique texture with various shades of colours – from straw-cloured to deep black. The Emelyanov and Sons Amber-Redwood Manufactory uses selective pieces of this wood species with, as usual, 2000-year staining term for creation of the works. Craftsmen of the enterprise encrust wood with amber with their hands in technique of mosaic composition. Emelyanov mosaic is special – only natural sunstone in the whole range of its colours and natural forms variety is used there, as well as special methods providing linking between the Baltic gem and the finewood for centuries. This author technique was named after the place, where it was invented – "Kovrovo mosaic". The secret of the compound used at manufacturing process is a know-how of the company and is carefully protected. There are no analogs of technological process at the Emelyanov and Sons Manufactory in the world. The exceptional rarity of materials and their natural qualities enrich every work with individuality. No work created at the manufactory can be exactly recreated – as it is know, the nature does not bear repetitions.

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