Exhibition and contest "Magic of Amber"

9 November 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

We are offering school students to express their fantasy and create paintings and drawings made in any technique they like and dedicated to amber.

Since the ancient times people have admired the beauty of this mineral, made songs and legends about its origin and amazing qualities. In the Middle Ages in Rus amber was called "miraculous alatyr stone" and father of all stones. It was believed that it contains great power which apotropaic and can bring happiness to its owner.

Children manage to reflect brightness and warmth of the Baltic gem. Their imagination enables amber with magic qualities – as if the stone becomes alive and warms the surrounding nature in children's works.

In 2018 we are waiting for new original works dedicated to the "magic" of amber. They will be accepted until 19 January, then they will be considered in two categories – drawing and painting. Authors of the best works will be awarded with diplomas and prizes at the contest exhibition opening ceremony in the Amber Museum on 25 January. The selected works will be shown in one of our exhibition halls and all guests will be able to enjoy them until 4 February.

You can find out more about the contest by the phone 53-82-19 or send you questions by e-mail to the address prosvet@ambermuseum.ru.