The Second International Art Forging Plain Air

31 July 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The Second International Art Forging Plain Air takes place in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum from 13 till 17 August 2015. Within the event, sculpture of the Gauya Bird will be created based on the legend telling about origin of Baltic amber. Blacksmiths from Austria, Lithuania, Poland and Russia – Moscow and Saint Petersburg participate in the project.

Everybody will be able to watch the blacksmiths working – traditionally, they work in the open area in front of the museum's gates. The ceremony of plain air closing and created object opening is held on 17 August at 17.00, it will be preceded with the conference (16.30).

Looking back, in 2012 the Amber Museum conducted the First All-Russian Plain Air for Art Forging. It was a pilot project, which gave Kaliningrad blacksmiths the opportunity to work with famous specialists from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sergiev Posad, Yekaterinburg. The joint work of 16 masters resulted in creation of the unique art object – hand rails for the curved bridge of the 19 century. In 2013 the plain air became international uniting work of blacksmiths from Austria, Norway, Poland, Russia, they forged grilles for the museum’s inner yard doors. 

Since that time art forging plain airs are held in Kaliningrad annually – all-Russian or international. Forged works were characteristic also for Konigsberg. At the turn of the 19–20 centuries, the city wore metal lace. It was decorated with delicate grilles, forged fences, there were handmade signs at the house fronts. Art forgery was bright, dynamic element of shaping the city landscape.

Blacksmiths from other countries and cities came to Konigsberg to learn how to work with metal. Blacksmithing has begun reviving in Kaliningrad recently – some blacksmith's shops were founded. The plain air aims to develop art metal in our city, which is directly relevant to jewellery, and arousal of interest to this craft among youth.

Project partners:

Art Forging Shop "Thor's Forge"
Association of Creators, Guild of Blacksmiths and Metal Artists of Kaliningrad

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