Meetings with the vintage jewellery experts

2 April 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

In the Kaliningrad Amber Museum the exhibition "Vintage spring" works untill 27 April. It presents American costume jewellery of the 1930-60s from privat collections (Kaliningrad, Russia - Riga, Latvia).

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 15.00 to 17.00 meetings with vintage jewellery experts are organized in the museum within the exposition. Bisides, in these days leactures to this theme are held in the Kaliningrad Regional Scientific Library, adress Prospect Mira 9\11:

4 April, Friday, at 18.30 – lecture "At the ball of dreams";

16 April, Wednesday, at 18.30 – lecture "Emigrants of the dream factory".

Presenter: Irena Volova.

Vintage jewellery is very popular today. The interest is quit explainable. Fashion of the past is a source of inspiration for designers and fashionmongers gladly combine this jewellery with modern clothes, accentuating originality of their look. As for collectors, they are in constant search for the best exemplars, antique value of which grows with time.

Democratic and attractive jewellery competes with expensive decorations, gives personal expression to every dress adding a note of elegance. Costume jewellery has innovative for its time design, rich palette, new approach in choice of materials - different metals alloys, gilded silver, plastic, rhinestones, olivet among them.

Costume jewellery presented in the exhibition "Vintage spring" is unique evidence of the past epoch. Today it is only in private or museum collections. Many specialized books are written about these decorations, photos of some presented in the exhibition objects can be found on pages of these books.




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