World Writers Day in the Amber Museum

3 March 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Presentation of the book "Poems" written by Lada Viktorova takes place on 3 March at 15.00 in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. The event is occasioned with the World Writers Day.

The new collection of poems includes works written in different years from the three books of Lada Viktorova – "Sad Paradise" (1997), "Shaping" (2004), "The Strict Companion" (2011), as well as published poems of the recent time and the ones that haven't been published yet.

"Viktorova's poetry is characterized by the reference to the cultural tradition, interest to the plots of antiquity, Christian history and mythology, of the West European Middle Ages history. At the same time she relates to the Derzhavin's note of Russian poetry, its resonance and vibrations in the creative work of Pushkin, Baratynsky, Sluchevsky, Khodasevich, Brodsky. Poems by Viktorova are rigorous, serious, exquisite, one can feel deep sorrow and harmony full of spiritual responsibility in them", – writes about this author Pavel Fokin – Candidate of Philological Sciences, literature historian, Leading Research Associate of the State Museum of Literature (Moscow).  

The Russian writer, specialist in literature and literary critic Pavel Basinsky characterizes poems written by Lada Viktorova as complicated, technically fastidious and the author as the poet, who has mastered the sophisticated technique of "poem building" and even some "formula" of the contemporary poetry.

Lada Viktorova is a pen name of Lada Syrovatko, philologist, teacher, poetry expert, researcher of the writing by F.M.Dostoevsky. After graduating from the philological faculty of KSU (today – I.Kant BFU) in 1990 she works as a literature teacher, at present – in the Kaliningrad lyceum school No 49.

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