Maria Zakharova's visit

17 August 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 15 the Amber Museum welcomed the amazing woman, politician and diplomat, patriot of Russia, the person of great scholarship and culture – Maria Zakharova, head of the Information and Press Department of Russia's Foreign Ministry.

An excursion for the highly respected guest was conducted by the museum's director Tatiana Suvorova.

We are expressing sincere respect and gratitude to Maria Zakharova for visiting our museum and for the great review left in our Museum Guest Book:

"My childhood dream came true today. In the far 80s I did not manage to visit the museum: we specially came with parents, however the exposition was closed. We have been waiting for this occasion for 30 years! And now, finally! Delight!!! Beauty, talent, history – everything is here. This is another fascinating side of culture of our country and an important page in the book of the world history. With gratitude and love, М. Zakharova. 15 August 2018».