"Spring Kaleidoscope"

27 April 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Solo exhibition of the jewellery artist Galina Siromyatnikova will be opened in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum on 27 April.

Visitors will see necklaces with amber and natural leather and learn about the various ways of jewellery materials treatment.

A remarkable point of this exhibition is the fact that there will be designer knitted works by Oksana Ivanova, knitted fabrics master of the creative studio "Perspective", displayed at the same time with jewellery. The Perspective Studio has been existing for over 10 years, works in different directions and provides training in academic drawing, perspective, coloristics, composition, oil painting for beginners and professionals.

Designer works by Oksana Ivanova will help to show costume jewellery made by Galina Siromyatnikova. Such union of art and design illustrates an inextricable connection of an artist's creative inspiration and contemporary fashion.


Galina Siromyatnikova was born in Sevastopol. In 1976 she graduated from the Kaliningrad Technical Institute for the Fishery Industry. She was attracted to various creative activities since her childhood: learned wood carving, went in for fashion design and embroidery. In 1998 she started to train as carver and jeweller by the Kaliningrad master Pavel Ivanov. In 2004 she entered Kaliningrad branch of the Creative Union of Russian Artists.

Organization of Galina Siromyatnikova's solo exhibition is result of many years of cooperation of the artist with the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. Galina Siromyatnikova is a constant participant of exhibition projects of the Amber Museum – regional and international biennials of author works, International Show of Arts and Crafts "Village Violet" (Paris), group exhibitions of the Kaliningrad branch of the Creative Union of Russian Artists.

Participation in French salons of arts and crafts and Christmas fairs in Paris inspired the artist to create a series of works dedicated to images of France. "I wanted so much to show my impressions from this miracle...All works presented at the exhibition are fruit of my fantasy, my world, each of them includes particle of my soul".

The exhibition will work until 14 May.

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