"Magnificent Amber. The Gifts from Rulers, Diplomats and Scientists"

7 August 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

"Magnificent Amber. The Gifts from Rulers, Diplomats and Scientists". Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum is presenting a new popular science book.

The author — the museum's Chief Research Associate Irina Polyakova — has united storylines, events and personalities with the subject of amber as a material for gifts which were included in the everyday life, cross-cultural communication and social-political relations of European countries in the 16th — 18th centuries. 

The book will appeal to a broad audience. It will be donated to the libraries and cultural institutions of Kaliningrad Region.

The project — winner of the 12th Contest of Social and Cultural project by PAO "LUKOIL" on the territory of Kaliningrad Region — was realised under the sponsorship of OOO "LUKOIL-KMN".