6 October 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The exposition will present jewellery and interior objects created by the famous Kaliningrad masters Konstantin Bushmelyov, Yuriy Velikotskiy, Alexander Korolyov, Mikhail Vorobyov, Lana Yegorova, Vladimir Litvinko, Pavel Litvinenko, Nikolai Kotov, Alexander Yuritsin, Alexander Sumerkin and Vyacheslav Mishin.

The Guild was established upon an initiative of Yuriy Velikotskiy in the end of 2015, it united professional stone-carving masters, who have been working in the amber art for at least 10 years, well-known artists, it is similar to the one that existed in the Königsberg.

Traditionally, in the beginning of April works of the Guild artists are exhibited at the common stand at the specialized jewellery show "Amber of the Baltic" in the Baltic-Expo exhibition center. Another important even for them is participation in the International Jewellery Show "Amber Trip" in Vilnius. In 2018 the artists are going to take part in the Amberif in Gdansk.

Masters of the association actively cooperate with the Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College, they conduct workshops in jewellery and amber working for students. The artists hope that with time the Guild will get wider, new talented Kaliningrad craftsmen will enter it.

The exhibition will work until 5 November.

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