"Amber Coast of Russia" opens in Museum-Gallery of Amber

1 October 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 11 October an exhibition "Amber Coast of Russia" opens in Museum-Gallery of Amber - filial branch of CJSC "Amber Gallery" in Vilinius (Lithuania), it will be working for a month. There are 66 contemporary artworks and pieces of the sun stone presented in the exposition organized by Kaliningrad Amber Museum. Among authors are restorer artist of  higher category from Saint Petersburg Alexander Zhuravlyov (1943 – 2009), who receated the legendary Amber Room, artists from Kaliningrad – Yury Velikotsky, Konstantin Bushmelyov, Mikhail Vorobyov, Zhanna Lopatkina, Lyudmila Sakharova, Tamara Beletskaya, Elena Tikhomirova and others.

Documentary about amber will be demonstrated at the exhibition, it is some kind of excursion that will get visitors familiar with natural-scientific and historical-cultural knowledge about Baltic gem, as well as with works of Kaliningrad artists.