В области проходят мероприятия проекта "Ювелирный дизайн: Натурнс, Италия - Калининград Россия"

9 September 2013
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

The project was such a successful that organizers made a decision to make new stage of it nearest two years after first implementation. Russian partners of project are Kaliningrad Amber Museum, Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad applied art and industrial college and Italian partners are gallery "Posthaus" in city Naturns, the School of arts in Padua, Art school Guggenheim-Michelangelo in Venice.

The main aim of project is the enhanced studying of features of development of Russian art by Italian students, with paying special attention to iconography and art treatment of amber. And the another part of project is Russian students which under control of professors of educational institutions in Italy are supposed to learn and understand the specific of the formation of way of thinking of gold-smith.

Herewith theoretical knowledge students get together with practical training and a row of art meetings where they could work with materials and talk to professional in a free atmosphere. All these features make the learning process more the process of traineeship.

The project is supposed as a chance of Kaliningrad region to get new group of specialists who will have c as a purpose a contact to colleagues also foreign and learning of new techniques every time. It will help to develop the competitive environment, to appear new and original and qualitative amber works and as a result the growth of the prestige of the profession of gold-smith in our region.

The lectures, master classes, practical training and excursions will be conducted in Kalininigrad Amber Museum, Kaliningrad applied art and industrial college, in Kalininigrad Amber Factory, in Museum and house of Herman Brachert (Otradnoe), workshop Kaliningrad artists Natalia and Konstantin Domichkovskih (Vzmorie), museum “Friedland gate”, in Baltic branch of State Center of contemporary art.

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