"Queen of Sambia 2011" will be chosen in the museum

30 July 2011
Press Office of the Amber Museum

"Queen of Sambia" should look good and consort to the high title – know the history the home land. Pretender can be any girl over 16 years old.

The contest includes four stages.

  • first stage: from 1 August to 1 October. Registration and questioning of participants.

Takes place in the Amber Museum. It is necessary to submit a personal 10 x 15 photo, having passport is obligatory.

  • second stage: 14 October. Semi-finals.

    Contestants partake in the runway-walk in the Amber Museum.

  • third stage: from 1 August to 14 October. Viewers' voting.

    Is made by contestants' photos published on the museum's web-site. To vote, it is needed to send number of the chosen contestant to the electronic address: info@ambermuseum.ru.

  • fourth stage: 25 November. Finals.

    Includes runway-walk, competitions, special programme and coronation, which will be held in the Amber Museum.

Contest jury will consist of artists, designers, business representatives and museum's workers. Finals and the coronation ceremony will be held in November 2011.

Finalists will be given as present the opportunity to participate in museum's theatricalized performances, exhibition opening ceremonies, museum's programs in Russia and abroad.

Historical note

The first contest "Queen of Sambia" was held in the Amber Museum in 2009. The elimination was made based on photos; over 30 girls took part in the pre-casting. The title "Queen of Sambia 2009" was given to Anna Radzevskaya. She received the right to wear the torc made of German silver with amber by Moscow artist Anna Yaroshuk for museum's celebrations as symbol of the victory.

The contest aroused strong interest among residents of Kaliningrad, that is why it was decided to hold it again next year. Viktoria Vakulenko became "Queen of Sambia 2010".

The idea to organize a local beauties "bride-show" came into mind of museum's workers for a good reason. Firstly, we know about beauty of women of the Sambian Peninsula from the history. Secondly, it is well-known that there the world largest amber deposit on the Sambian Peninsula. Thirdly, Sambian women decorated themselves with amber since the dawn of time.

Participants of the pageant will remind residents of Kaliningrad of the fact that our city is glorious not only because of amber. Beauty of local girls became one of outstanding features of the Amber Land long time ago.

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