The second "Italian Night" was held in Kaliningrad Amber Museum

16 October 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The second "Italian Night" was held in Kaliningrad Amber Museum, it was organized within the solo-exhibition of the artist Konrad Laimer "Time Steps" (Naturns, Italy). Virtual tour through Verona - city of Romeo and Juliet, romantic Venice, where dramatic events of the Shakespeare's play "Othello" were happening, through picturesque area of Adige river, museums and theatres of the Veneto region was made by visitors of the Night with help of deputy director for research Irina Toropova.

Vivid, emotional narration accompanied with well matched visual material didn't leave audience cold. As didn't operatic aria from works of Verdi and Bellini sung by frontmen of Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonia Svetlana Burova and Pavel Kleimenov and frontman of Kaliningrad Musical Theatre Alexander Dudnitsky.

Then followed a narration about history of viniculture of Veneto region, Italian wine Venice bread testing, the last was baked specialy for the "Italian Night" by staff of the First Kaliningrad Bread Factory. Such round loafs were made in the past (the tradition has been kept till nowadays) for the engagement ceremony, a ring meant for a bride was baked inside of them.

Kaliningrad Jewellery Shop "Aesthet" introduced works of Italian producers to the audience. It was able not just to try juwelry on, but also - if desired - to buy. A quizzee with easy questionas and pleasant prizes gladdened guests of the night.

The Amber Museum expresses gratitude to partners and participants of the night:

  • First Kaliningrad Bread Factory;
  • Kaliningrad Jewellery Shop "Aesthet";
  • frontmen of Kaliningrad regional Philharmonia and Kaliningrad Musical Theatre.
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