French Accent Night took place in the Amber Museum

3 September 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

French Accent Night took place within the project “Violet Street: from Paris to Kaliningrad” in the Amber Museum. Visitors of the evening could talk about their creative work with French artist and listen to the French songs and music played by Kaliningrad trio “Paris” and accordionist Alexey Zgama.

Interest of the audience was aroused by the decoupage master class made by creative workshop "Mash & Hero" and floristics by flower shop "FunFun", fashion show of collections by Kaliningrad designers Svetlana Orlova and NatalyGreener, the specialists' advices from the cosmetics and perfume store "Neskuchniy Sad", wine tasting.

Exhibitions of the project "Violet Street: from Paris to Kaliningrad" and one of hats designer Julie Mares "I Draw My Inspiration from Russia" were opened the whole evening long. Also visitors had a chance to make face painting with help of Elizaveta Korneva, learn French literature during the exhibition of books from the A.P.Chekhov Central City Library and take a photo for the memory in the "French Corner" made by the photo studio "Helios".

The Amber Museum expresses gratitude to the project partners and members:

  • Flower shop "FunFun";
  • cosmetics and perfume store "Neskuchniy Sad";
  • creative workshop "Mash & Hero";
  • trio "Paris";
  • Alexey Zgama, accordion;
  • creative platform "Blue Cabinet";
  • fashion studio of Svetlana Orlova;
  • designer NatalyGreener;
  • A.P. Chekhov Central City Library;
  • photo studio "Helios";
  • Elizaveta Korneva, face painting;
  • Fashion and Dance Theater "Regional Center of Youth Culture".
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