The First International Metal Art Plain Air took place at the museum

5 August 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The First International Metal Art Plain Air took place at the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. Several days long, blacksmiths from Austria, Norway, Poland and Russia – Moscow and Saint Petersburg created decorative grilles for inner yard doors of the Amber Museum. Everyone could watch masters working. Besides, workshops were organized for young specialists, as well as citizens and guests of Kaliningrad, who are interested in this subject.

On 2 August, a plain air closing ceremony was held. It was preceded with the press-conference, in the course of which journalists' questions were answered by blacksmiths-participants of the plain air, head of the Department for Arts, Museums and Educational Activities in the Sphere of Culture Marina Sergeeva, director of the Amber Museum Tatiana Suvorova.

On this day, guests of the museum could see one constructed door grille. There had been made details for three more. The work will be finished and the pieces will be installed in the Amber Museum by Kaliningrad masters from the "Thor's Forge".

– Metal Art Plain Air is more than an important for Kaliningrad event, within which unique forged objects are created that decorate the urban realm, – said Marina Sergeeva at the plain air closing ceremony, – u it is also a very spectacular event that is inviting for tourists. Project's perspectives have no limits. There always will be places in the city, where metal objects will fit in making the landscape one of a kind.

Plain Air participants:

  • Josef Antczak, Kadyny, Poland;
  • Konstantin Baranov, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Anton Bykov, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Andrey Vysotin, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Dmitriy Gladush, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Erik Gjendem, Arendal, Norway;
  • Pierre Dupont, Paris, France;
  • Radmil Keldganov, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Alexander Korsa, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Ivan Kuznetsov, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Sergei Makarov, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Eduard Oganesyan, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Pavel Pryakhin, Moscow, Russia;
  • Alexander Sushnikov, Saint Petersburg, Russia;
  • Thomas Hochstaedt, Ibsitz, Austria;
  • Yuriy Eliashevich, Kaliningrad, Russia;
  • Alexey Yalovoy, Chernyakhovsk, Russia.
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