Presentation of the project "Museum in the Magic Book"

3 October 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Presentation of the project "Museum in the Magic Book" took place in Kaliningrad Amber Museum on 1 October. The project won a grant of the President of Russian Federation as laureate of the competition aimed to support creative projects of national importance in the spheres of culture and arts. First "readers" of the interactive book were children with health disabilities - participants of the project "Flowers of life" realized by the charitable foundation "Coast of Hope". They could flip through pages of the book and also listen to the performance of students of the D.D.Shostakovich Children Musical School, take part in all-winners chocolate lottery and tea-party.

History of the book.

In 2013–2014 members of the museum's team and the project's main contractor took pictures of 30 objects. Every object was captured from every angle, photos of texture i.e. surface of the items were made to recreate their detailed 3D virtual copy. Such works were selected for the shooting that are usually impossible to bring out of the museum even to the places, where all security terms and conditions are observed; as these objects are too fragile and may not "survive" transporting. For instance, showpieces of the permanent exposition – originals of the 17th century, works made in 1926–1945 by the Konigsberg State Amber Manufacture, clock "Epoch" (1960), model of atom-powered ship "Lenin" (1960) and others. All together they are placed in chronological sequence and repeat the museum's route.

It is of special importance that the book being on the ground floor of the museum's building allows people with health disabilities to see tridimensional images of unique amber art pieces, which are exhibited in the first floor and are almost inaccessible for such visitors. An apparent advantage of the set that consists of a monoblock unit and "The Magic Book" is a capability of its safe transporting to municipal units, where there is a lack of necessary conditions for real amber objects exhibiting.