В Музее состоится открытие выставки «Прусский мед: легенды янтаря»

31 January 2014
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

Opening of the exhibition "Amber legends" takes place on 21 February at 17.00 in Kaliningrad Amber Museum. There will be works of Kaliningrad artist from the creative workshop "Prussian Honey" presented in the exposition. Among them - works of head of the project, jewellery artist Lana Egorova and artist Alexander Yuritsin - author of the corporate design of the project, which is based on contemporary interpretation of ethnics of the North-Western Russia and people of the Baltics. The exhibition includes jewellery, textile, clothing, glass, works from leather, ceramics, toys, drawing.

For the members of the creative workshop "Prussian Honey" amber is not just main work material, but a unique gem, symbol of Kaliningrad land, cornerstone of continuity of cultures and generations. They are inspired by legends of different nations about Baltic gem, admired by variety of colour range and uniqueness of each piece. By working they try to save and emphasize natural identity of the 'sunstone' - shape, texture, rich colour range.

At the vernissage guests will see theatrized show "Amber legends" performed by the Theatre od Sheakpear's miniatures "The White Rose", everybody will also receive souvenirs.


Press Office of the Amber Museum

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