В Музее состоится открытие международной выставки «Янтарь & Куклы»

31 January 2014
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

Opening of the international exhibition of art doll "Amber & Dolls" takes place on 13 February at 17.00 in Kaliningrad Amber Museum. Wrks of Kaliningrad and Riga artists made with amber and dolls telling about amber will be demonstrated.

These are not just trifles, no baby toys - art toys have a special place in a big doll family, they were destinguished as an independent art direction rather recently though. Only twenty years ago only toy and theatrical dolls were made in Russia.. Over time in these circomsta artists started to stand out, who artistically redefined dolls, made them to independent art objects.

Designer dolls can show different emotional states, subjects, ideas, express the most complecated and intimate feelings. Each of them has its unique imagery. Almost endless possibilities are open for the masters of art doll: variety of materials, colours, textures, technologies.Dolls are made of metal, textile, paper, porcelain, plastics, glass, wood...Herewith materials are easily combined, reaching the ultimate expression. 

Works of artists from Russia and Latvia are presented in the exhibition. The Amber Museum's partner in organization of the exhibition is Baltic Guild of Art Dolls and Toys - non-profit association of masters and collectors established in 2009 to improve quality and popularize this new kind of art in Bsltic States. One of its main purposes is creation of the particular Baltic style  of designer doll, that can be expressed in using of Baltic amber.

Amber and dolls shoen in the exhibition create a special, mysterious, magic world. And seem to offer the viewers to plunge into this beatiful amber fairy tale.


Press Office of the Amber Museum

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