В Музее состоится лекция «История ювелирных украшений. Украшения для шеи»

3 October 2013
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

In Kaliningrad Amber Museum on 12 October at 11.00 is held a lecture "History of jewellery. Neck adornments? within the series of lectures "Jewellery encyclopedia". It will be conducted by the deputy director for research, art expert, candidate of pedagogical sciences Irina Toropova.

Visitors of the lecture will find out that except for all-known jewellery as necklace, carcanets, beads, pendant, medalion there are also pectoral, torque, choker, plastron, sautoir, Rani haar, torc. That neck adornments for men and women of various kind were present  during the history of humankind.

The information about General History and archeology, fashion and jewellery history will be given at the lecture. It will be told about celebrities of past and present and foremost about their adornments.There will be presented collections of museums of the world, unique jewellery art pieces, historical jewels, as well as things connected to traditions and beliefs.


Programme of lecture series "Jewellery encyclopedia"


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