The One and Only Virtual Branch of the State Museum-Reserve "Tsarskoye Selo"

27 August 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The one and only virtual branch of the State Museum –Reserve "Tsarskoye Selo" opened in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. The most important link between the two museums is the legendary "Amber Room" in Catherine Palace. The exposition of the Amber Museum has different works made of the "sun stone" that were created by the restorers from "Tsarskoye Selo" during the preThe demonstration equipment of the virtual branch is installed in the permanent exhibition "Amber in the art of XVII - XVIII centuries". Moreover the employees of the Amber Museum have developed a set of educational programs for school children and students. The topics of lectures and classes are connected with the architecture and landscape of the Museum "Tsarskoye Selo". The virtual version of Catherine Palace and Park, Alexandra Palace and Park, Cameron Gallery are presented in the museum.


A series of lectures for seniors and students

  • the works of F.B. Rastrelli;
  • Russian jewellery art of the XVIII century;
  • Western European jewellery Art of the XVIII century;
  • applied and decorative arts of the XVIII century;
  • portrait genre in Russian art of the XVIII century;
  • the art of mosaic (techniques and variety);
  • Russian porcelain of the XVIII century;
  • Western European porcelain of the XVIII century;
  • allegory in the art of the Baroque and Rococo;
  • the ornaments of the Baroque;
  • the works of C. Cameron;
  • the works of J. Kvarengi;
  • the aesthetic possibilities of agate and amber. «Agate Rooms» and «The Amber Room»;
  • the antique ornaments in the aesthetics of classicism;
  • Russian landscape art of the XVIII-XIX centuries



A series of classes for children of secondary school

  • Composing mosaic. Technique and aesthetic possibilities;
  • «playful curls» Rococo;
  • aristocratic costume of the Baroque;
  • hair styles of the Baroque and Rococo;
  • hair accessories of Baroque and Rococo;
  • decorations for the bodice of Baroque and Rococo;
  • aristocratic costume of neoclassicism;
  • Russian jewellery art of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries.



All lectures and classes should be arranged beforehand

The price of lectures for students - 100 rubles.

The price of lessons for schoolchildren - 80 rubles.

The ticket price includes the admission to all exhibitions of the Amber Museum.

Press service of the Amber Museum