Lecture series "Jewellery Encyclopedia"

10 September 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The lecture "Jewellery Encyclopedia" is organized in Kaliningrad Amber Museum. It will be conducted by the deputy director for research, art expert, candidate of pedagogical sciences Irina Toropova.

First lecture will be on 14 September at 11.00 and will be dedicated to bracelet. During the lecture it will be the chance to learn the illustration of images of these jewellery from Ancient World to present time – Assyria and Persia, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, medieval civilizations of Europe, Asia and the Far East. New and Modern History also are not forgotten.

Lecture timetable

«Jewellery Encyclopedia»

2013 – 2013-2014



September «The history of jewellery. Bracelet»


«Jewellery varieties of corundum. Ruby and Sapphire»

October «The history of jewellery. Neck adornments»


«Emerald - the king of beryl»

November «The history of jewellery. Ring»


«Beauty with scattered. Quartz»

December «The history of jewellery. Hair adornments»


«Garnet family»

January «The history of jewellery. Head adornments»


«Great metals. Gold. Bronze »

February «The history of jewellery. Brest adornments»


«Great metals. Platinum. Silver»

March «The history of jewellery. Earrings»


«The eternal beauty. Diamonds»

April «The history of jewellery. Parure»


«Organic jewellery materials. Pearls. Amber. Coral. Nacre. Ivory»


The time of the lectures is the second and fourth Saturday of the month at 11.00.

The price of the ticket to the lecture with the possibility of visiting the exposition of Amber Museum:

for adults – 170 rubles;

for student – 100 rubles;

for pupils – 80 rubles.


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