В Музее 25 октября – студенческая пятница «Все любят клоунов?..»

18 October 2013
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

In the Amber Museum on 25 October at 19.00 - Student Friday "Does everybody like clowns?..." about Halloween.

It seems like the theme is no way connected to evil spirits, so what the holiday celebrated on the eve of All Saints' Day has to do with it? However images created by actors with red noses, white cheeks and multicloured hair are not always kind-hearted and sunny. 

According to statistics over 20 percent of people are getting cold feet the moment they see jesters - as you never know, what is hidden behind the mask. That's why a week before Halloween we are going to talk about coulrophobia - fear of clowns.

Ones who will come to the Amber Museum this evening will find out, in which dark place "faces' of clowns are kept, why the character of the movie "It" holds in awe citizens of British Nothampton, how many victims the real clown-killer had and where the mane movie "vampire" Robert Pattinson hides when buffoons are approaching.

Besides our guests will meet scary clowns from entertainment agency "Goodwin", take part in student lottery with thematical prizes from designer jewellery shop "iDoll" and visit the secret passage of the Dohna Tower.

We would like to remind you that Student Friday is a youth evening event, children are not admitted to it.


Entrance fee – 50 RUR

Inquiries: 538-219


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