14 October 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

In 14 October at 17.00, the meet-the-artist-event takes place in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. A famous Kaliningrad jeweller, Honoured Artist of Russian Federation Gennady Losets will tell the audience about the history of creation of his jewellery and paintings, about amber working techniques, he will also answer the visitors' questions. 

Gennady Losets has been long and successfully carving amber, he creates small statuary, cameos, intaglios, caskets, pipes, tobacco boxes and other items of the sunstone. He is one of the few Kaliningrad masters, who uses colouring – the technique known since antiquity.

The meet-the-artist-event will be held within the Seventh Regional Biennial of Amber Artworks "Amber History Milestones" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Kaliningrad oblast. The exhibition and contest have been held since 2003 and is well known in Russia and abroad. The exhibition gives a prospective: it shows different stages of how the national amber industry, amber treatment art have been developing – from the first works made by artists of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine in the 50–60s of the 20th century to the works created by contemporary Kaliningrad masters.

Admission to the event – by the museum entry ticket or the one to the exhibition "Amber History Milestones".
Inquiries: 46 68 88, 53 82 19.

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