"Colour Accord of Amber"

6 March 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Well-known Kaliningrad masters will present their works at the exhibition "Colour Accords of Amber" in the Amber Museum on 6 March.

Decorative panels, lapidary compositions, and jewellery will show guests the beauty of the sunstone and high skill level of local artists.

A year ago, Gennady Zubakov, Zhanna Lopatkina, Evgeny Parchomenko, Lev Romanenko, and Aleksandr Sumerkin entered the Kaliningrad Regional Public Organisation of Artists "Amber Academy". Chairperson of the board is Liudmila Vysotskaia. Both young, and well-known masters united to develop and preserve traditions of amber treatment.

On 21 November 2019, studio of the Kaliningrad Regional Public Organisation "Amber Academy" was opened. At the opening ceremony, organisers presented the exhibition "Intuition – Gift from the Sun", which showed works made by visually impaired people – participants of the project "We See with Hands". Liudmila Visotskaia is the first person who started teaching visually impaired and blind people how to work with amber. In the Amber Workshop around 50 persons are getting the needed knowledge and skills.

The exhibition "Colour Accords of Amber" has been dated to coincide with the first anniversary of creation of the Kaliningrad Regional Public Artists' Organisation "Amber Academy". Together with other creative unions of Kaliningrad region, the association takes part in shaping image of the "Russian Amber Land" in the modern world.

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