"The Amber Room. Search, facts, and assumptions"

17 April 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 17 April there will be a meeting dedicated to the history of search of the Amber Room in the Amber Museum  We are inviting local history experts, historians, museum workers, students, as well as everyone who is interested in this theme. Members of the geological and archaeological expedition in 1969–1982 Inna Mironchuk, Irina Kurilova, and Viacheslav Efimov will tell about the search of the lost cultural values with the famous Amber Room among them. They will also show archival photographs and materials.

The Amber Room from the Catherine Palace is the pinnacle of amber craftsmanship of the 17th – 18th centuries. Its basis was 22 amber panels presented as a gift by the Prussian king Frederick Wilhelm to Peter the Great. The panels were mosaic composition: various in shape, size, close-fitted amber pieces were glued on the wooden basis. They were united by the yellow colour. The mosaic was decorated with volumetric and relief carving using coloured foil. During the Great Patriotic War the Catherine Palace was almost destroyed. In 1942 the Amber Room was stolen, moved to Königsberg and installed in the King Castle. In 1945 it was dismantled and has been lost since. 

The meeting starts at 15.00. 

Free admission.

Inquiries.: 53-82-19