"Mysteries of the Centuries"

1 April 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Exhibition "Mysteries of the Centuries" is opened in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum on 31 March at 23.20. The exposition presents documents and objects from the Museum Special Fund. 

The Special Fund was established in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum in September 1991, when part of materials from the disbanded Kaliningrad branch of the Special Library №4 was transferred here. At first, the whole collection was classified, however later part of these materials was completely or partially declassified. The second ones will be presented at the exhibition as cut copies.

Visitor will be able to see on the day of exhibition work unique inclusions of technogenious nature, documents of organizations that studied them, correspondence of the scientists who researched amber in the 16th century and managed to grow a unique plant that vanished from the surface of the globe over 40 Million years ago and had exceptional healing properties.

Especially mysterious is destiny of the large piece of amber with inclusion of a big saurian. The fact of its existence is documented in the papers presented at the exhibition. However its destiny after the battles in East Prussia in 1914 remains unknown.

Part of the presented at the exhibition documents relates to the history of last days of Konigsberg occupation, it is documentation of the Polizei-Presidium, which supervised the search for the Amber Room and other values stolen from the vaults of Konigsberg Castle by the local criminals in March 1945.

Opening and closing of the exhibition will happen behind closed doors. It will be available for visitors on Friday, 1 April.

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