"Secret of the Love Letter"

8 March 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On the International Women's Day Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum invites citizens and guests of Kaliningrad to the themed quest game "Secret of the Love Letter" through the museum's exposition.

Everybody who'd like to take part in the quest, buying the museum entry ticket in the ticket office, will receive a booklet with description, rules and tasks. Everyone, who will successfully solve the tasks and go through the route, will get prizes.

In one of the secret rooms of the Dohna Tower there was found a scuffed papyrus with the text in an unintelligible language. Scientists were trying to unriddle it for a long time and finally find out that the writings were inscribed in the Ancient Greece. The letter appeared to be a love-letter from Eurymachus to Penelope. It is well-known that Eurymachus was one of the suiters who proposed to the beautiful woman waiting for her Odyssey to came back from the far journey for a long time, and he even gave her amber beads as a present..

However it was unrevealed until now that he wrote love letters to her. The found letter is the only evidence. It must have reached the Baltic Sea through trade routes by mistake.

Part of the message was translated, but bewaring of the Odyssey's rage, Eurymachus encoded some phrases. So what did he write to his beloved about?

Now it is possible to find it out making a tour through the museum and solving all the rebuses, anagrams, finding all "encoded showpieces".

Quest price – 50 RUB
Inquiries: 538-219