Filming at the Amber Museum: 20 June and 3 July

19 June 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Within two days filming of one of 16 episodes of the TV series "Yellow Eye of the Tiger" will be held in the inner yard and exhibition halls of the museum. During the filming time the museum will be closed for visitors!

Film director – Mark Gorodets, major cast presented by Pavel Priluchniy, Ekaterina Shpitsa, Maxim Kostromikin, Karina Andolenko.

It is a detective story, telling about graduates of one of Kaliningrad schools, who decided to connect their lives with extraction and working of amber. After 10 years they are brought together by their fates in uncompromising opposition of secret services and illegal diggers. Former friends appear to be on the opposite sides of the barricades, now goal of one of them is to free his hometown from the "amber outrage".

The film will use showpieces from the exhibition "Amber by Alexander Krylov" organized by the Amber Museum in cooperation with the Foundation "Development of Charitable Programs" (Saint Petersburg). We would like to remind you, that in 2013 the foundation donated a unique collection of amber artworks to the museum. According to the film plot, the main character is organizing an exhibition of his amber masterpieces.

Release of the picture is planned for the end of 2017. The film is made by the Igor Tolstunov filming company "Profit" commissioned by OAO "First Channel".

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