Студенческий театр БФУ им. И. Канта покажет спектакль «Ромео и Джульетта»

21 June 2012
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Romeo and Juliette are going to meet in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. On 23 June at 21.00 Baltic Federal Kant University Student Theater “The third floor” shows a play “Romeo and Juliette” in the Amber Museum inner yard within the project “Living city”.

Play scenes will be performed under alive background music and original soundtrack write specially for the project by the musician Ilias Salaev. 

In the end of the action a sign with a romantic text that Romeo and Juliet met once here, will appear in the Museum outer yard. 

The project “Living city” was organized and conducted by the State Board of Youth and Sport of the Educational Committee of the Kaliningrad Administration in association with Baltic Federal Kant University Student Theater “The third floor” and young musicians of the city. The project is aimed on expansion of the cultural space, in which framework Kaliningrad is perceived.

In such a way citizens staying inside Kaliningrad will be able to feel like in a big cultural world capital, which creative actions will remind of its sights and objects. As result of such theatralizations the city will rise, will be full of festive amazing atmosphere.