Student Friday "New Old Amber"

24 November 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Is it possible to clone a mosquito,  petrified in the sunstone? How to distinguish natural amber from the counterfeit? Why does our region have such  rich amount of this mineral? Far from every resident of Kaliningrad can answer these questions, so we have decided to conduct a crash course. 

All members of the Student Friday will learn about the history of origin of the sunstone, see works of Russian and foreign masters at the exhibition "Amber Unites the World" and partake in a workshop.

The latter will be conducted by authors of the project Amber Workspace. It is a young brand, whose creators look at amber in a new way and make contemporary jewellery. Laconism of the design, contemporary trends, 'love to the ancient organics and loyalty to the primal forest" – these are basic ideas of the brand Amber Workspace. A piece of this forest – jewellery with amber –every member of the event will be able to take away.

Price of the student ticket for the event – 70 RUB.

On this day student groups over five persons get a 50% discount to the museum ticket.

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