“S.S.Savkevich – Researcher and Populariser of Amber”

10 September 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

 Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum was planning to organise an international conference "Amber: Deposits, Characteristics, Use" dedicated to the famous researcher of amber S.S.Savkevich on 15–16 September 2020. Unfortunately, due to the quarantine measures, we had to cancel the scientific forum. The museum is going to conduct regular readings to honor the memory of our outstanding compatriot. We are offering specialists and admirers of amber to visit the virtual exhibition on life and achievements of the scientist.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 90th birthday anniversary of Sviatoslav Savkevich – well-known Russian scientist, organiser of science and polariser of the Baltic Amber, also to the 50th anniversary of the publication of his main monograph "Amber".

S.S.Savkevich was an indisputable authority in the sphere of organic mineralogy, he was vice-president of the Union Mineralogical Society, chairman of the Working Party on Organic Mineralogy within the International Mineralogical Association. The exhibition is our tribute to the memory of the greatest in our country researcher of the Baltic gem, who stood at the origins of the Kaliningrad Amber Museum, practically assisted in building its permanent exhibition, and was working together with the museum's team for many years.

Sections of the exhibition:

I. Biography
II. Researcher of the Baltic gem.
III. Sviatoslav Savkevich and Curt Beck
IV. S.S.Savkevich – science organiser. International contacts
V. In aid of the national economy. Inventions
VI. At the origin of the Amber museum
VII. S.S.Savkevich – populariser of the knowledge on amber
VIII. Publications about S.S.Savkevich
IX. List of scientific papers by S.S.Savkevich