Rescuing "contemporaries" of A.S.Pushkin and I.Kant

20 August 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Research associates from the Amber Museum are concerned with the future of our region. They do not just study extinct insects in amber, research the biological diversity and ecology of the living arthropods, but also take direct and active part in monitoring and preservation of the wild life – rare and endangered insects and their habitats.

Lanes of old trees (of 100 and more years old) along roads of Kaliningrad region is a unique natural and cultural phenomenon of our region. It is not just historical landscape, ecologically correct solution of many problems, but also the habitat of amazing and interesting species of insects that are protected by the law in Kaliningrad region, Russia, and Europe. It is our treasure and pride, that you can enjoy taking a brake in the shadow.

Recently, concerned citizens turned to administration in connection with the planned felling of trees, so in the beginning of August a common field trip of the expert-entomologist from the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, environmental prosecutor's office of the Kaliningrad region, and chief inspector of the environment protection took place.

Old trees of the lime- and ash-tree alley in Gurievsk district were carefully inspected, and endangered in Russia and Europe beetles were found! The public officer of the district administration received a precaution on impermissibility of violation of the law and felling of trees. We sincerely hope that the old trees, as well as the inhabiting them rare fauna will continue to be a pearl of our region that amazes tourists and brings joy to locals.