"A Winter Night's Dream" in Palanga

8 December 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

In the Palanga Amber Museum – branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum – solo exhibition of the fashion artist Tamara Beletskaya "A Winter Night's Dream" was opened on 4 December. The event was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Kaliningrad region. Project curator was the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. The exposition presents women's jewellery made of minerals and natural stones, amber is naturally complemented with such gemstones as agate, jasper, topaz, nephrite, amethyst, charoite, turquoise, rock crystal, malachite.

The official ceremony was opened by the international projects coordinator of the Palanga Museum Regina Makauskiene giving the right of the first speech to the Lithuanian Art Museum's director Romualdas Budrys. He greeted the Kaliningrad colleagues and expressed gratitude for the work on preparation of the exhibition. In his speech Mr. Budrys mentioned good taste and designer view of amber, which the artist pronounces in her improvisations with the "sunstone". 

Then the deputy director of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum Irina Toropova spoke to Lithuanian colleagues and guests of the museum.

– We are glad to present works created by Tamara Beletskaya in one of the halls of the museum. – said deputy director of the Kaliningrad Amber Museum Irina Toropova. – This is an artist, who has her own vision of amber's nature. I believe, organization of an exhibition in the other state is the best way to express to foreign partners, to people of this country our respect and honor.

Tamara Beletskaya mentioned in her speech that she opens the solo exhibition in Palanga with a deep emotion as in Lithuania traditions of "sunstone" processing were formed a long time ago, there are a lot of wonderful masters here.

– It would be easier in Paris, Rome, London, where amber is a wonder, works of it always make a good effect, – thinks Tamara Beletskaya. – However I believe I have a chance Lithuanian public to like my work, as I create adornments not as a jeweller, but as a fashion artist seeing them as an addition to some dress. I imagine their owner – a woman, who can prefer classics, folklore, romanticism or avant-garde style. My intention was to create an atmosphere of magic, beauty and joy with my works in the Palanga Amber Museum. I hope I've managed to do it.

Tamara Beletskaya graduated from Minsk Institute of Technology in 1981 with specialty of fashion artist, in 2006 – from the Moscow Fashion Industry Institute and Moscow International Business and Management Academy. In the age of 23 years she became a head fashion designer of experimental shop of Kaliningrad Sewing Association "Silhouette". The first independent collection she created in 1980. 1988 she organized the fist private "Fashion Theater" in Kaliningrad, which grew to the "Fashion House" in 1996.

The new stage of artist’s creative activity was year 2010, when she appealed to theme of women's jewellery for the first time. Collection of adornments with natural stones was created. In this collection amber was combined with other gems. Since 2011 the artist has been working with the Kaliningrad Amber Combine. Over ten works designed by her entered its production.

Tamara Beletskaya is participant of regional, All-Russian and international competitions and festivals. In 2000 she was a Grand Prix winner of the All-Russian Competition "Woman – director of the year", in 2013 – got the award of Kaliningrad Region "Recognition" for achievements in the sphere of culture, literature and art in the nomination "For the new approach in creation of works made of amber and Russian gemstones". Tamara is a constant participant of the projects organized by the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum – International Biennial of Amber Artworks "Alatyr", All-Russian Contest of Jewellery and Stone-Carving Art. Her works were presented at the exhibitions in the Amber Museum including solo ones.

The artist is an active participant of charitable actions, teaches classes for children with limited health abilities organized by the Kaliningrad charity fund "The Coast of Hope".

The Amber Museum in Palanga was established on August 3, 1963 in Tyszkiewicz Palace constructed in 1897 by the project of a German architect Franz Heinrich Schwechten (1841–1924). The museum's collection includes 28000 depository items. Over 4000 amber samples and works made of the sunstone are on display. The collections show formation of amber in the evolutionary process, so its role in the history and culture of the humankind.

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