Fundraiser for our colleague's medication

26 January 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Relatives and colleagues are raising funds for medication of the known Kaliningrad journalist, spokesperson of the Amber Museum Irina Klimovich.

In November 2016, our team member had to take a long-term sick period because of her pure health. The diagnosis that was established for Irina at the R.M.Gorbachyova Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Trasplantology Research Institute, — myelodisplastic syndrome with a high risk of developing to the acute secondary leukemia. Medication with "Citozar" was undertaken. However, it gave no result.  The disease started progressing. There is only one drastic solution: bone marrow transplant. Currently, they are looking for a matching donor for Irina at the clinic of R.M.Gorbachyova Institute (Saint Petersburg), yet the search can take from two weeks to several months. Irina's condition is getting worse rapidly: she needs an immediate therapy with the modern medication "Vaidaza", one course of which costs 357 000 rubles through a drug shop in Kaliningrad. Quota documentation would take over 2-3 months. Unfortunately, Irina doesn't have that time.

Her relatives decided to ask administration and partners of the Amber Museum, also to the Government of Kaliningrad oblast for help.

On 25 January, Irina posted on her page in social networks that a sum of money for one course of treatment had been almost gathered.

"My dear! I thank everybody who has responded to my asking for help – acquaintances, friends, colleagues, fellow students, other caring people!" – published Irina.

Thanks to the support of regional mass media, information about Irina's disease reached the State Duma deputy Alexey Silanov. Yesterday he wrote in his Facebook account: "Today Irina Klimovich has received the needed medication for the first course of treatment. I would like to thank colleagues from the Ministry of Healthcare, Centar City Hospital, regional pharmacological company for the efficiency in providing help. Moreover, the Federal Medical Center comment on necessity of usage of the medication on life vital grounds was received only the day before. Colleagues, be efficient and attentive to people's resorts, wherever they are published, even if they haven't reached you officially! Irina, I wish you good health!".

The course will last 7 days. If there will be a positive reaction, the medication must be continued in 21 days. The gathered money is enough for the next stage of therapy. We hope that the treatment will help Irina to keep the disease from progressing and wait till the necessary operation.

If you also want to help Irina Klimovich, you can transfer some money to her card or bank account:

Sberbank card: 639002209004367116
Receiver: Ирина Ивановна К.

Account in Sberbank:
account number: 40817810755031298586;
BIC: 042748634;
TIN: 7707083893;
RRC: 784243001;
correspondent bank account: 30101810100000000634.
Receiver: Klimovich Irina Ivanovna.

You can look more for documents and medical reports in the vk group: