"Gardens of Harmony"

1 March 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The Amber Museum is going to bring joy to its guests once more with the exhibition of vintage jewellery of the 1930–60s from private collections.

At the exhibition, there will be brooches gathered under one theme – birds and flowers living in an imaginary magical garden. They were created in the USA during the "Golden Age" of costume jewellery – the 1930–60s. 

The entire galaxy of talented designers worked on the sketches, among them Adolph Katz, Gene Verrecchio, Alfred Philippe, Marcel Boucher, Solomon Finkelstein, Louis Kramer. An authorship verifier is front and side pattern of a jewellery piece, which is an addition to its patent paper. Patents were made to consolidate the exclusive right for the design and to provide copy protection of the works. 

Many artists started their jewellery career at such famous companies as Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier. Having begun to create costume jewellery, the masters got free of the limitations that work with precious materials had imposed, they got the opportunity to let their imagination run free, use various materials and techniques. Costume jewellery became widespread in the USA, jewellery companies (Boucher, Coro, De Rosa, Kramer, Mazer, Reja, Trifari) committed their work to production of highly artistic jewellery affordable for the middle class.

Adornments presented at the exhibition are unique evidence of the past epoch. Their antiquarian value is rising, they are in a good state today, as they were manufactured in limited editions with special attention to design, quality and used materials. Today they are only in private or museum collections. There are many books dedicated to these items. Photographs of some objects from the Amber Museum exhibition can be found on pages of these books. 

Exhibition "Gardens of Harmony" will work from 1 March to 9 April. Hurry up to visit!

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