Programme "Relic Hunters"

1 February 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Do you like to spend an evening with you family watching Indiana Jones and Lara Croft movies? Do you dream of setting off for an adventure to a far island searching for treasure? Then the knowledge you will get at the programme "Relic Hunters" in the Amber Museum will be definitely useful to you.

You are welcome to come with your family on 1 February at 14.00.

Children will be told what to take to an expedition, how old items get in the ground, and what a museum doctor does. During the session, the participants will be able to feel like real archaeologists: they will make excavations, study artefacts, and event take part in a quest in the search of a real treasure! After the programme, there will be an all-winners lottery for children..

If you want, you will be able to visit the permanent exposition of the museum after the event.

Family ticket price – 450 rub. (includes the permanent exposition).

Tickets are limited.

Inquiries: 53-82-19.

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