Welcome to the museum on the International Jeweller's Day

31 January 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 31 January the Amber Museum is celebrating the International Jeweller's Day by conducting excursion sessions at the exhibitions and a lecture on creative work of the famous Kaliningrad amber artist.

The Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum has been working closely with jewellers and stone carvers from Russia and other countries for the time of its existence. Large-scale art competitions of regional, federal and international significance are organised annually. Due to them the museum's collection is systematically enriched with new showpieces distinguished by the jurors in different categories. Some artworks are donated to the museum by its authors. The Amber Museum's collection includes for today 71 work by the famous jeweller Lyubov Serebryakova (1946 – 2017). The leading research associate of the museum Zoya Kostyshova will tell about her artistry on 31 January, the International Jeweller's Day. The lecure starts at 18.00. Participation – by the entry ticket to the permanent exposition.

There will be also free excursion sessions at the exhibitions "Kabardia. From Ancientry to Nowadays" and "Amber Unites the World". Everybody is welcome at 12.00 and 16.00.

Ticket price for the exhibition: for adults – 150 rub., for students and cadets – 80 rub., for schoolchildren – 70 rub.

Lyubov Serebryakova was born on 16 December 1946. In 1967 she graduated from the  Filigree and Enamel Department of the Krasnoye Selo College for Art Metal Work in Krasnoye-na-Volge of the Kostroma Region. On the assignment, with the group of graduates she came to the Kaliningrad Amber Combine, where she worked as fashion artist for over 30 years. For this time she had designed jewellery models for serial production, many of them were awarded at the Arts Council in Moscow. Since 1968 Lyubov Serebryakova had been a constant member of jewellery exhibitions: regional, zonal, republican, all-Union and international. In 1980 she moved to Kaliningrad, where her cooperation with the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum started. One can say that almost all best works by Lyubov Serebryakova created after 1980 entered the museum collection. Lyubov had always wanted her works to be kept in a museum, not in private collections, as it is the museum that will keep her memory for ages.