Welcome to the "Islands"!

26 October 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 26 October to 10 November, during the autumn holidays, the first Children's Museum Festival "Islands" takes place in Kaliningrad.

The festival is extension of the Intermuseum Marathon, which was held in our city since 2015. Within it, children from 6 to 12 years old with their parents will be able to go through educational and entertaining routes. The Kaliningrad Zoo, The King's Gate museum, the Friedland Gate museum, the Amber Museum, the Kaliningrad Museum of History and Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts will be part of the event.

Each museum has prepared a route map, whose tasks are related to its showpieces. It won't be boring, children will take part in search for a treasure, a ghosthunt, fight with germs. art detective, and many more.​

Guests of the Amber Museum will take a special educational quest at the permanent display, which is dedicated to the search for beads from the necklace of the magic Gauya Bird.

To participate in the events of the Children's Museum Festival "Islands", you should by a ticket in every museum that costs 100 rubles. It allows for one child and one accompanying adult to enter. You will receive a map with tasks with your ticket for free.

More about the festival – detivmuzee.ru.