Welcome to the excursion

22 October 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

We invite visitors to the themed excursion through the exhibition "World of the French Jeweller" on 1 November at 14.00. You will get to know works of the Parisian jeweller Pierre-Marie Bernard and his collection – one of jewellery instruments used by three generations of watch makers and jewellers of the Bernard Family and one of the jewellery of the 19–20th centuries from the historical region Poitou, France.

Within the excursion you will also meet the Kaliningrad jewellery artist Lana Yegorova – member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, founder and artistic director of the jewellery company "Sphere", head of the creative association of artists "Prussian Honey". 

Participation in the event – by ticket to the exhibition:
for adults – 100 RUB
for students – 50 RUB
for schoolchildren – 30 RUB

Inquiries: 53-82-19.

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