Presentation of proceedings "Baltic amber: Science. Culture. Economics"

28 March 2012
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Presentation of proceedings "Baltic amber: Science. Culture. Economics" on 28 March at 11.00 in the Amber Museum. Famous Kaliningrad academic figures participated in it.

Science and magic of Baltic amber 

Kaliningrad Amber Museum has published proceedings, which include the newest scientific researches in the sphere of amber, its qualities, history and artistic treatment. There are materials of the first in Kaliningrad region international scientific symposium «Amber extraction and treatment on Sambia» held in 2010 in it. This conference gave an impulse to intensive development of scientific research in the region.

Proceedings «Baltic amber» includes full versions of reports of the symposium participants – Russian and European scientists and specialists from Kaliningrad, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Germany with 12 Doctors of Science and 27 PhD among them. It unites modern scientific knowledge in geology, mineralogy and archeology of amber, its flora and fauna; it is told about amber in culture and art including mythic «Amber Island» and «Amber River» Eridanus. Presentation of the proceedings «Baltic amber: Science. Culture. Economics» with the participation of Vadim Sivkov – director of Atlantic department of P.P. Shirshov Oceanology Institute of RAS, Nikolay Turkin – PhD, Biology, A.P. of Biology and Ecology Chiar of Baltic Federal Kant University and other Kaliningrad scientists is held in the Amber Museum on 28 March at 11.00.

In the presentation program:

  • special way of acquaintance with latest scientific knowledge about amber;
  • play «Adventures of Zhivichka» (scenario by V.B. Soloviova) from the theater of Baltic Federal I. Kant University «Third stage»;
  • speech of one of the proceedings’ authors – Deputy Director for Research of Kaliningrad Amber Museum – Zoya Kostyashova.


Zoya Kostyashova has been working in Kaliningrad Amber Museum since the day of its opening in 1979, went all the steps of museum work from the guide to the Deputy Director for Research. In the early 1980s she began to study amber and history of amber trade in East Prussia, USSR and today Russia. Author of monograph «History of Kaliningrad Amber Combine» (Kaliningrad, 2007) and nearly 80 scientific works published in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Germany and Ukraine. Member of the International Amber Association, representative of Russia in the World Amber Council (Gdansk, Poland), which unites scientists and experts from different countries in the sphere of amber research.

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