Results of the contest and exhibition "AquaTerra"

3 July 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The results of the exhibition and competition "AquaTerra" within the Fifth International Biennial of Amber Artworks ALATYR 2013 were summed up.

In the Jury worked:

President of the Jury:

  • Irina Toropova, Deputy director for research of Kaliningrad Amber Museum, art expert, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, Kaliningrad, Russia.

Jury members:

  • Pierre-Marie Bernard,

    Jeweller, Honoured President of the State Federation of Artistic Crafts and Creativity, director of the committee and president of creative commission "Franceclat", Paris, France;

  • Juris Gagainis,

    professor, head of the Metal and Design Department in the Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga, Latvia;

  • Laima Keriene,

    artist, professor of jewellery and small statuary in Vilnius Academy of Arts, member of Lithuanian Union of Artists, Vilnius, Lithuania;

  • Benno Simma,

    designer, architect, design professor of Innsbruck University, Bolzano, Italy;

  • Natalia Petrova,

    artists, member of Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia;

  • Giedymin Jablonski

    Artist, art theoretic, curator of international projects, teacher in the Vilnius Academy of Arts, member of the Russian Creative Union of Artists, member of the World Amber Council, Gdansk, Poland.

Considered works the Jury decided to give following awards:

Grand Prix:

Mette Saabye, Copenhagen, Denmark


Nomination "Skill"

1st place:

Doris Gabrielli, Bruneck, Italy


Nomination "Skill"

2nd place:

Zhanna Lopatkina, Kaliningrad, Russia

Plaque series "Aquarium"

Nomination "Skill"

3rd place:

Tatiana Rusinovich, Kostroma, Russia

Rings from the series "Moon over the bay"


Nomination "Creation of artistic image"

1st place:

Manuel Vilhena, Lisbon, Portugal

Brooch "#34"


Nomination "Creation of artistic image"

2nd place:

Dorota Sokolowska, Gliwiece, Poland

Artwork "Anatomical objects"

Nomination "Creation of artistic image"

3rd place:

Pawel Kaczynski, Warsaw, Poland

Necklace "Time for time"

Nomination "Innovation"

1st place:

Markus Fruehauf, Merano, Italy

Series of brooches

Nomination "Innovation"

2nd place:

Wojciech Kalandyk, Gdansk, Poland

Necklace "Aqua sphere"

Nomination "Innovation"

3rd place:

Magda Szadkowska, Lodz, Poland

Brooch "Magnetism of hemisphere"

Nomination "Music in stone",dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Sergey Rakhmaninov:

1st place:

Igor Komov and Ekaterina Lemm, Moscow, Russia

Panel "Twilight"

Nomination "Music in stone",dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Sergey Rakhmaninov:

2nd place:

Alexander Sorokin and Anastasia Kochubei, Togliatti, Russia

Object "Song of water and earth"

Nomination "Music in stone",dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Sergey Rakhmaninov:

3rd place:

Ruta Nicajenie, Vilnius, Lithuania

Object "Romance in A minor" op.6 no.1


Jury diplomas:

  • Sarah Valier, Bolzano, Italy


  • Azusa Fukawa, Meran, Italy


  • Haidemarie Herb, Perugia, Italy

    necklace "Terra Aqua";

  • Anita Matysek, Gdansk, Poland

    work "Sit Tibi Terra Levis Frou-Frou";

  • Solveiga and Alfredas Kriviciai, Vilnius, Lithuania

    Brooch "Island";

  • Evgeny Tabachkov, Togliatti, Russia

    Ring "Cloud";

  • Dalius Razauskas, Vilnius,Lithuania


  • Kelly MacCallum, London, UK

    Object "No name".

Special Jury diplomas:

  • of the Jury President Irina Toropova:

    Vladimir Lykhanov, Kaliningrad, Russia

    Interior object "No water - no life";

  • of the Jury member Pierre-Marie Bernard

    Yury Velikotsky, Kaliningrad, Russia

    Object "Yurate";

  • of the Jury member Juris Gagainis

    Henning Schroeder, Ribniz-Damgarten, Germany

    Jewellery set "Autumn Crocus";

  • of the Jury member Laima Kiriene

    Indre Dirziene, Alytus, Lithuania


  • of the Jury member Natalia Petrova

    Justyna Stasiewicz, Lodz, Poland

    Work "Burned ring";

  • Of the Jury Member Benno Simma
  • Andrzej Szadkowski, Lodz, Poland

    Ring with the changeable stone;

  • of the Jury member Giedymin Jablonski

    Andrzej Szadkowski, Lodz, Poland

    Brooch "Sun";

Special sponsor diplomas:

  • Kaliningrad Regional Branch of the Russian Creative Union of Artists

    Natalia Lapinus

    Jewellery set "Summer slough";

  • SP M.A. Simukov

    Alexander Krylov

    Portrait of Salvador Dali based on painting "Self-Portrait with fried bacon";

  • Kaliningrad Regional Branch of the Russian Union of Writers and LLT "Storyteller's House"

    Vyacheslav Mishin

    Pendant series "Between heaven and earth" and pendant "Butterfly-fishes".


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